UKIP Ludlow is a fast -growing group of like-minded people from all walks of life.We have a common aim, self-government.

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Rod Evans, Vice Chairman
David Kelly , Secretary
Why leaving the EU will boost Britain
Rod Evans, Treasurer
Speech By Michael Berthoud at Hopton Court

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1 Restore Self Government & Democracy

2 Rebuild Prosperity

3 Protect Our Borders & Defend Our Country

4 Safeguards Against Crime

5 Care And Support For All

6 Our way of life
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Unlike the "Big 3" political parties, we rely on the enthusiasm and commitment of our members and the heart-felt belief that we need to save our country, rather than donations from vested interests and unions. If you can help in any way, from leafleting, holding a meeting, or just putting up a poster, we need your support. If you believe in free speech, join us!